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(Prologue for Aquarius Addiction)

Arlette Xylander suffers a difficult and dysfunctional childhood, which is further complicated when she discovers, in a terrifying manner, that she is psychic. 

Arlette's life changes dramatically when her mysterious Aunt Lucie, whom she has never met, dies, and bequeaths two things to Arlette--her country home on the banks of Bayou LeGue, and an ancient spell book. 

Then, on the same day she meets hunky Andre Rossouw, her doctor tells her she's suffering from a terminal disease. She displays all the character traits of her star sign, Aquarius, being feisty, eccentric, freedom-loving, flirtatious, rebellious and unpredictable, and she determines two things; to beat the odds of the disease, and to have wild and passionate sex with Andre.



It's a slow day at the Redneck Detective Agency and Twila and LaMercy are sitting in Twila's office just chewing the fat.

The phone rings--it's Twila's cousin, Ena.

"You'll never guess what's going on at the school," she says. "There's a gator in the kids' playground."


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Riley Shaughnessy cannot believe it when the very hot man who fixed her car invites her out. A wild and passionate whirlwind romance begins, and she is over the moon when he asks her to marry him. But after that it all goes downhill and ends in terrible tragedy. Riley has to make a new life for herself. She loves her new home, her beautiful Palomino, her dog and cats, and her successful veterinary practice, but one thing is lacking... A good man.

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Twila travels to England to interview a suspect in the Pam Taylor murder case, and gets a taste of British traditions.

I wrote this as a combined effort with British romantic comedy author Rhoda Baxter.