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Diamond Tool Manufacturing Specialist

Encompassing the complete range of industries involving diamond tools, from suppliers of natural Congo boart to the most sophisticated and complex synthesized high-tech industrial superabrasives, Diaworks is the premier central resource for diamond tool manufacturers and suppliers to obtain information and technology relating to their products and services.  

Diaworks Consulting is owned and operated by David Jackson, a Diamond Tool Specialist and Metallurgist who has been engaged in the Industry of Industrial Diamond tools for over 28 years.

Born in Rhodesia, in Africa, and now based in Florida  USA, David has worked as a geologist, geophysicist, metallurgist  in the diamond tool industry in many different parts of the world, namely; Europe(Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and UK), Korea, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Africa, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada and USA.

David is now offering to share all the experience he gained in the diamond tool industry and powdered metal metallurgy on a consultantcy basis.

Typically David likes to tackle projects with a "hands-on" approach, and will visit your premises and physically examine and appraise your equipment and operational procedures, whether you need him only once, or ongoing for a period of months or years.

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