Redneck P.I.


Twila Taunton's greatest desire is to get back to her small town country Alabama home. Instead, she finds herself ducking bullets when she invites hunky P.I. Harland O'Connor to the company picnic. Pretty soon she forgets she's vowed never to allow a man into her life again. Even worse, his equally hunky twin brother, Horton, makes her forget she's allergic to cops. With her cocky small-town Southern attitude, Twila steps in to pinch-hit for Harland while he recovers from the shooting. Her lack of city- sophistication and disregard for political correctness help her solve some tough cases. And then someone tries to blow her up. She and Harland and Horton are soon caught in a dizzy, dangerous tangle that could cost them more than their lives.

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Review by Dee Dailey of The Romance Studio

Trish Jackson pens a tale that will have you on the edge of your seat from the suspense when you're not rolling on the floor laughing out loud. Imagine Twila's dilemma as she has to chose between two hunks. If that isn't enough we have pot smoking, hard drinking Aunt Essie and her pet, Piggy Sue. The characters in this tale are unique to say the least. Dialogue and Twila's introspection into her life and situations is unequaled by other more mundane tales. This is one of those rare books I'll read again just because it makes me smile so much.

If you read for enjoyment like I do this is one of the best of the year. Romance, suspense, and fun fill the pages making it harder to put down than most.