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Development and fine-tuning of Metallurgical bonds for sawing and drilling concrete and asphalt, granite and marble and other natural stone and related products.
        The diamond tool market is extremely competitive.  We can show you how to implement  procedures in your diamond tool manufacturing program which will improve the performance and increase the life of your existing diamond saw blades, diamond core bits and other products. At the same time, you will cut your production costs significantly. This can be achieved in many different ways and we guarantee satisfaction.

Problem Solving using a blend of traditional technology, new technology, experience and ingenuity.

   David Jackson has been in the diamond tool manufacturing business for many years and solved a variety of problems including bond performance, operation of manufacturing equipment, choice of manufacturing supplies, sources of suppliers for specialty products..
Start-Up plants and planning. Initiating Production programs, QA programs, Inventory programs and Safety programs.

       Utilize David's years of hands on experience, and tap into his knowledge base to help keep your start-up costs to a minimum.

Sourcing of  raw materials and diamond tool manufacturing supplies

     Diamond Grit, Graphite, Metal Powders, Molds and Dies, Steel Blanks and Tubes, Grinding Wheels, Laboratory Equipment - whatever your requirement - we have developed relationships with raw materials suppliers all over the world.

Chemical and Metallurgical Analyses

       Get complete  chemical and physical analyses of diamond matrices and bonds through our modern up to-date laboratory network.
Sourcing of Diamond Tool Manufacturing Equipment

 Used and new equipment from worldwide manufacturers at extremely competitive prices.
Troubleshooting problems with Hot Press, Cold Press and other Manufacturing Equipment

     Put David's extensive experience and technical knowledge to work. Sometimes just a little fine tuning can make a huge difference to the resulting product and cost-effectiveness.
Sourcing of Specialty Diamond Tools
Many manufacturers have the requirement to out source some of their products for re-sale. Utilize  our  network of Specialty manufacturers for a reliable supplier of high quality Specialty Diamond tools. - Lapidary, PCD/CBN Tools, Glass Wheels, Electroplated Tools, Dicing Blades, etc.                                                                       

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