Why Use a Specialist?
Using a diamond tool specialist consultant makes a lot of sense for all of the following reasons:

-   To obtain knowledgeable technical advice in product development and manufacturing, learned from many years of hands-on experience in all aspects of diamond tool manufacturing and diamond tool metallurgy on four continents.

-   To obtain the abilities of a highly qualified professional for a project that could not be undertaken normally, due to an organisational overload.

-   To provide an objective third party viewpoint on strategic issues.

-   To gain a technological advantage over competitors which will lead to  increased sales and profitability.

-   To take advantage of the financial benefits. Using the services of an independent, experienced professional only when needed means there are no hidden 'fringe benefit' costs - no medical insurance expense, no 401K or pension, no unemployment or payroll taxes. You only have to pay him when you need his services.

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