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In Young Arizona, Real Estate offers many choices.

Young Arizona is a quaint community hidden away in a tranquil valley at the end of a steep and twisty dirt road beneath the massive Mogollon Rim in Arizona's White Mountains.
Originally known as Pleasant Valley, the name of the town was changed in honor of Miss Ola Young, who served as the town's post misstress for 50 years.
This is cattle country - its rolling, open meadowland and abundance of water was the scene of one of the nation's bloodiest range wars in the late 1800's. Dubbed the "Pleasant Valley War" it was made famous by the movie "To the Last Man". The graves and cabins of some of the participants are still here today.
With an elevation of 5,200 and a population of somewhere around 800, it is a great get-away location, with a little of something for everyone who loves nature. Elk, deer, mountain lions, bears and others inhabit the surrounding Tonto National Forest - beautiful rugged country offering cool pine forests and awesome vistas.
In normal times, Pleasant Valley receives more than 25 inches of precipitation annually and in the warm months the grass grows deep green and knee high, and wildflowers abound.

Haigler Creek is a year-round spring-fed trout stream. It is stocked with trout every week. Giant sycamores and cottonwoods line the banks, and the fish can clearly be seen in the dappled sunlight in mossy pools. 

Although the creek mainly flows through U.S. Forest Service land, there are a few private properties available in an area about 8 miles north west of Young.

Properties along a year-round flowing creek are very rare in Arizona. Water has always been the most precious commodity and this has been reinforced by the recent devastating drought. For this reason, property with creek frontage is extremely valuable and a lot more expensive than other property in the mountains.

Haigler Creek is one of the few regions in Arizona where you can find remote property with tall ponderosa pines, and a flowing stream. Many of the properties available here also border Tonto National Forest land which makes them doubly special.


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