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I was born and raised in Rhodesia, Africa (now Zimbabwe). It's difficult to describe the lifestyle to the uninitiated, but I can only say it was very simple and uncomplicated, and to people who boast about freedom, I challenge anyone from anywhere to have had more of it.
The education system was exemplary, although it was not considered important to attend university. Having been in boarding school for all of my high school years, I was anxious to get out into the world when I graduated.
I come from a family of writers and artists. My paternal grandfather kept extremely detailed journals of his experiences as a pioneer, and as a police officer in darkest Africa, and I am happy to offer a compilation of his memoirs.
My late mother had multiple manuscripts published, including short stories and a "how to" book entitled "Growing Fucschias in Southern Africa" which was reprinted several times and was considered the primary reference book for fucschia growers during its time in print. She was also an extemely talented watercolor artist and still receivedcommissions at the age of 92.
My sister had had several articles published and is currently writing a screenplay.  She paints in pastels.
Her daughter is a ceramic sculpturist of note, and her pieces are sold all over the world. (see www.taniababb.co.za).
My late brother, a game ranger and ecologist, was widely published in ornithological and wild life journals in Southern Africa, and was the worldwide expert on the purple heron.
As a school child I won several writing competitions and awards. I dabbled in writing for many years while raising my family of three and holding down a full time office job. Once they had grown and left home I once again found myself yearning to create, and started writing novels, the first of which was published by Publish America in 2004. It is now out of print, but Vol 2, the re-worked version is now available. I have several other novels in the pipeline...
I have lived in the country nearly all my life, and love writing about small towns and the people who live in them. I also love animals of all kinds and do everything in my power to help them. When I become known and my books become more popular, I plan to donate a large percentage of the proceeds of the sales to the ASPCA.
I love to get feedback, so please feel free to contact me on the form below. I answer all emails.


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