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Astronomy and Signs of the Zodiac - 

I am crazy excited about my "Zodiac Series" -- twelve novels in which each heroine is a different star sign and displays the character traits attributed to her sign.

The first in the series,   Capricorn Cravings has its own page here, where you'll find the first chapter. I may add excerpts as time goes on.
Aquarius Addiction
This manuscript is complete -- my first paranormal romantic suspense and I am thrilled with the way it has turned out. I am currently negotiating with publishers.

 FBI psychic Arlette Xylander had a happy family childhood despite her mother's alcoholism, until her father remarried and abandoned her. She now avoids relationships because of her father's betrayal. Being an Aquarius, she is rebellious, a risk-taker, and a loyal and compassionate friend. She is determined to do three things—beat the odds of her terminal desease; find Andre Rossouw's missing sister, and have wild and passionate sex with him.

She also wants to unravel the mysteries surrounding her old mansion on the bayou outside New Orleans, left to her by an aunt she never met. Why are the ghosts whispering at her dining room table in the dark hours? Who is the mysterious woman wearing a hooded cloak kneeling by her aunt's grave? What are the secrets her home holds and how can she unlock them?

 (This book is not yet released).

Now I'm working on THE REALITY SHOW about Virgo camera operator Lexie King and a reality show gone wrong.
Imagine Lexie's fear and anger when she discovers one of the contestants is the stepfather who molested her as a child. Now she's stranded in a remote area of Zambia in Africa with him.

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