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 Coming later this year -- my next book, set in my country of birth, Zimbabwe, in Africa.


 Kendy never said goodbye, but now she’s back, and it seems like she cannot escape the murder and mayhem—or the boy she left behind.

Headstrong Kendy Rivers is back in Zimbabwe, her childhood home, on a mission to try and find her parents’ remains and give them a decent burial.

Before leaving USA, she threw the engagement ring at her cheating now ex-fiance, Landon.

She knew her journey would take her back to her childhood best friend Bash Baxter, but could never have anticipated the conflicted feelings he would engender, further complicated when Landon shows up and wants to reconcile with Kendy.

Bash is a member of an international humanitarian and anti-poaching organization, and when they have a chance to be together at last, Bash takes Kendy with him on a dangerous mission to save a herd of elephants from poachers.