Trent lied about her age. Hal was convicted of statutory rape. Two lives, ruined.


Despite a brutal existence in prison, a desperate escape and a chance for a new life in Africa, Hal never forgets his first love. If only there were some way he could return home, return to Trent.


Never, warns his wise friend Demetrio, reminding Hal that they are escaped felons, and to be caught is to go back to prison.


Trent can't forget Hal, nor can she forgive herself for his fate. The future holds no promise, and finally she seeks solace and expiation in a cult calling itself The Church of Hallowed Revelation.


Her parents seek to have her deprogrammed, but instead lose her to ruthless kidnappers, who hold her in their African headquarters until her ransom is paid.


Seeking a hostage held by a quasi-military faction, Hal and Demetrio head into the wilderness. At the end of their quest is violence, death, and--just perhaps--another chance for Hal and Trent.

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Review of WAY OUT OF LINE 

When raging hormones bring young lovers Hal and Trent together one steamy summer, neither would imagine the trouble their union will bring.  Despite his inner warnings, Hal finds he can't resist his attraction to the beautiful young girl he meets on a private beach. She is young - perhaps too young. Spoilt, indulged Trent, however, knows exactly what she wants and she's not about to take 'no' as answer or let something as trivial as age keep them apart. The white lie that brings them together will drive them apart in a way that they least expect.


Jackson sets an amazing scene in the lead up to events that will change these two young lives forever. Caught in the act by her distrustful father, Hal finds out that the girl of his dreams has mislead him in the worst possible way.  When you mess with the rich who have connections in Congress, you can only expect trouble - a lot of trouble. He finds himself in jail for statutory rape and the only thing that keeps him sane, is the advice of a prison guard to 'never let go of his dreams'.


If you're looking for a book that has it all, then this is one you should not miss. Follow Hal and Trent's journey to hell and back as they learn hard, fast lessons in the real world, experience brainwashing, drugs and the terrors of a wild country and live through it to be reunited in a love designed by Fate.


- Reviewed by Juanita Kees