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I grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe, Africa, where it was not unusual to have to carry an UZI around for protection from armed gangs of insurgents. This sparked a love of adventure and suspense, and being a romantic at heart, it was a natural progression for me to write romantic suspense.

I moved to the U.S. in 1990, with my husband and three wonderful children. I love country living, horse riding, chocolate and all animals, but most of all I love my family.


My heroines reflect my compassion. I love to help the innocents of the world - children, the elderly, the mentally challenged, and animals, and I like to feature them in my writing. 

I love, and set my stories in small towns, where the people enjoy country values, and the pace of life is a little slower, and I really enjoy working out the complexities of their emotional challenges.


Thank you so much for visiting my website. I often hold drawings and freebies, and send out the occasional newsletter. Fill out the form on the right so I can let you know when they take place, and when my next book is available. You will also get a totally free download of my novelette, Riley's Story.

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PO Box 490, Lake Geneva FL 32160.

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