Aquarius Addiction

FBI Psychic Arlette Xylander finds out she is dying and meets hunky Andre Rossouw all on the same day. She decides to do two things -- beat her disease and have wild and passionate sex with Andre.

Then she finds out he has a fiancée.

Arlette wishes she could find out what the ghosts who meet around her dining room table are discussing in the dead of night.



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Capricorn Cravings

Veterinarian Riley Shaughnessy moves to Shady Valley, a small town in the Colorado mountains, to escape her dark past. Her horoscope predicts new romantic possibilities on the same day hunky Powell Stewart comes into her life and overhears her saying she needs to get laid. But when her assistant, Jamie disappears, the nightmares begin again...

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Way Out of Line

Hal St. Clair is kind and gentle, fiercely loyal and has a good sense of humor. His parents and only brother died in a car wreck, and he carries around the guilt of not being able to save his brother's life after the accident. If he had known what that chance meeting with Trent would lead to, he would have heeded his inner voice and run... Instead, he finds himself lost in the vast wilderness of Mozambique, Africa with no idea how to get back to civilization.


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Redneck P.I.


Self-professed redneck, Twila Taunton only wants one thing when she finds herself living in Yankee territory. To go home. And, maybe, one of the hunky O'Connor Twins. She is self-confident, bucks against authority, doesn't suffer fools gladly, and hates injustice. Quirky characters like Harley-riding, cool toking octogenarian Great Aunt Essie and master hacker Gasser Cunha give this romantic suspense more than a touch of comedy.


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Twila follows a trail of death with one mission in mind. To find her mother's murderers and bring them to justice. When she deciphers the  secret code from a skeleton's wrist band, she and Great Aunt Essie fire up their Harleys and head for a haunted mansion in the middle of the night. Will she be untrue to her long-distance boyfriend Harland O'Connor and succumb to cowboy Tanner Ferrano's advances?





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Redneck P.I. Twila Taunton cannot believe she is working for Jimmie-Ray, the man who stood her up on her wedding day. But she can't allow gentle Pam Taylor to go to prison for a murder she did not commit. Twila sets out to hunt down the real killer, with the help of hacker and mean guitarist Gasser Cunha, her hard-drinking great aunt Essie, and office assistant LaMercy Howard, who reluctantly agrees to go Goth. When she discovers an illegal puppy mill, and a possible dog fighting ring, Twila calls on a vigilante biker gang and her long distance lover, Harland to help. 
Oh… and she might be pregnant. 

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