Do you read your horoscope every day? If you do, you surely know that members of each star sign have their own specific attributes. Each book in this series of riveting romantic suspense novels features a heroine with a different star sign.


Capricorn Cravings

The first in the zodiac series.  - The only thing missing from Riley Shaughnessy’s life is a man. She has a thriving veterinary practice, a home she loves, and has managed to put her dark past behind her. 
Everything is turned upside down when hunky Powell Stewart arrives and overhears her saying she needs to get laid. But could he be the one responsible for her young assistant, Jamie's disappearance? She can’t help being attracted to him despite the warnings in her daily horoscope. 

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Aquarius Addiction


   FBI psychic Arlette Xylander,  whose star sign is Aquarius, gets some very bad news from the doctor on the same day she meets sexy Andre Rossouw and is assigned to investigate his sister's disappearance.  


   Her investigation leads her down a scary, dangerous path with an illusive Voodoo Queen, and  a renowned missing jewelry piece called The Aquarius Arcanum. (Amethysts of course, because that's her birth stone.)

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Next in the series is: VIRGO'S VICE, which was originally called Virgo's Variant.but I figured 'Vice' is more compelling that 'Variant'. I don't have the newest cover yet.


Virgo's Vice

Virgo Lexie King cannot believe it when her boss pushes her out of the aircraft. Okay, so she's wearing a parachute, but she didn't sign up for this--she's just the camera operator.  And how come the producer has abandoned them all in Africa with hardly any survival gear, with no instructions, and no way to communicate with the outside world? To add to her discomfort, she discovers one of the contestants is her own personal monster.







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